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Sleeping Gear The Sleeping Gear forum is for the discussion of sleeping gear (bags, mats, quilts...).

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Old 08-07-2012, 02:53 PM
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Jens Jens is offline
Practical Backpacking™ New Member
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Holubar Royalight sleeping bag

I recently inherited this bag and I can see its obvious quality and that it is likely a winter bag. What I can't determine is its temp. rating. I realize that this is subjective but I would like to have an idea of whether it would be wise to use it in the cold conditions I plan for it.

Any info will be appreciated.

--- Jens
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Old 08-08-2012, 04:57 AM
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Rocketman Rocketman is offline
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Single Layer Loft and Estimated Temperature Rating

Temp (°F) Loft (in) Temp (°C) Loft (cm)
50 1.2 10 3.1
40 1.5 4.4 3.8
30 1.8 -1.1 4.6
20 2.2 -6.7 5.6
10 2.6 -12 6.6
0.0 3.0 -18 7.6
-10 3.5 -23 8.9
-20 4.0 -29 10

For a symmetric double layer bag, the loft numbers should be doubled.

Sorry that the columns of numbers don't line up with the column labels.

The answer is to try to measure the loft and use any of the "old style" tables to estimate temperature ratings.
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Old 08-08-2012, 11:47 PM
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GGervin GGervin is offline
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Is this a down bag? I did a quick search on "Holubar Royalight" since I'd never heard of it before. I found a site that gives some history of the Holubar company, and makes reference to a down Holubar Royalight. That bag is a winter bag that supposedly used the highest quality down, and there is reference to a couple of people using it year round despite its warmth. Evidently, it's classic vintage gear. Sounds like you have a very nice bag there.

For the sake of citing sources, I should say the info comes from a book the site sells called Holubar Mountaineering Ltd., by Bruce B. Johnson, MA.

Seriously, I think you should do a little internet search for yourself, since I suspect you'll enjoy discovering what you've got.

In fact, I think you should start a thread on vintage sleeping bags, take a few photos, and show us what you have!
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