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Backcountry Kitchen The Backcountry Kitchen forum is for the discussion of food and cooking gear related topics for backpacking trips (e.g. menus, recipes, stoves, fuel...).

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Old 02-17-2015, 02:34 PM
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Well in its simplest form the ground plate is basically a circular sheet of the same material as your wind screen. Lay it under the stove, then stove, wind screen goes over that once stove is lit and thenadd the pot. The plate acts as a reflector, keeping radiant heat that might be lost to the ground focused where you want it. It also protects the surface under the stove from heat/flame.

Its not a lot of efficiency gain. Maybe a few percent. But when you're tuning up even a few percent can make a difference.

It should be made of a light but resilient material that folds/rolls easily and flattens out well. Or stiff and durable and keep it with your bowl. The wind screen for snow peak gigapower stoves would be a suitable stiff/durable one, to give you an idea of what it would look like.

On windscreen: someone else with more alky stove experience can back me up here but I recall the optimal spacing is in the 3/8 too 1/4 inch range. It should have enough airflow to feed the stove plus a little. The higher the better. If you can get it close to the top of the pot that gives you maximum heat transfer.

Good luck.
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