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Gear List The Gear List forum is the place to post your actual backpacking gear list, and to read what others have in their packs. Don't forget to specify weight.

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Old 12-27-2011, 12:27 PM
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nebraskapacking nebraskapacking is offline
Practical Backpacking™ Junior Member
Backpack: osprey atmos 50
Sleeping Gear: generic scheels bag
Shelter: walrus/sierra designs meteor light 2
Join Date: Dec 2011
Location: Nebraska
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One nighter backpack break-in list

so i got my new osprey atmos 50 pack for christmas and wanna break it in so i will be going to a local lake for a short 10-15 mile hike/camp this weekend i will leave friday at noon and return saturday at noon temp is expected to be from the 30's for lows to 50's for highs during the day (unsure about at night) here is my gear list and weight break down (with pictures)

1. Walrus tent – 2Lbs 8 oz
2. Stakes – 8.3 oz
3. Poles – 5 oz
4. Thermarest ¾ pad – 1lb 2 oz
5. Generic Scheels bag (unsure of degree rating) – 3Lb 1 oz
6. Sun mountain rain jacket & Pants – 1Lb 1.6 oz
7. Camelback outlaw bottle & nalgene imitation bottle(empty) – 11.6 oz
8. Pur water filtration pump (wont be used on this trip but im bringing it just for the hell of it) – 1L 8.1 oz (kinda heavy but it was free so im not complaining)
9. Osprey atmos 50 pack (brand new testing it on this trip)
Rope I brought tons of it I’m a boyscout I love rope
10. 100 ft 300lb test rope – 1lb 9.3 oz
11. Small white rope (about 20 ft) – 1oz
12. Bungee – 2.7 oz
13. Light my fire spork - .2 oz
14. Coleman waterproof match holder – 1 oz
15. Mini hatchet hammer multitool (also new for xmas testing it this weekend) – 12.6 oz
16. Gerber multitool – 6.4 oz
17. First aid kit and foot powder (probably wont use powder this weekend but I bring it everywhere) – 5.6 oz
18. Protective gloves – 5.9 oz
19. Compass – 1.5 oz
20. Low top chuck taylor shoes for camp lounging – 1Lb 5.2oz
21. Flashlight (couldn’t find my mini maglight >:() – 6 oz
22. Buck knife ($10 find at a pawn shop) – 12.3 oz
23. Carharrt knit cap – 2.2 oz
24. Stove fuel – 12.8 oz
25. Off brand lightweight stove – 6.9 oz
26. Titanium pot (bought a big set that this came in but will only need/use this one this weekend) – 8.8 oz
Not listed
Long johns – 12.4 oz
North face first layer fleece – 9.2 oz
Free country top layer fleece – 1 lb 6oz (will probably be worn the entire weekend)
Old school charcoal stick handwarmer – 4.3 oz


any questions/comments feel free to post

thanks for looking
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