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Gear List The Gear List forum is the place to post your actual backpacking gear list, and to read what others have in their packs. Don't forget to specify weight.

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Old 04-19-2010, 08:23 AM
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Originally Posted by austin
Has anyone found that it is easier to bring regular gatorade bottles than to deal with platys? and will 2 one liter bottles be sufficient? it also seems like it would be more difficult to get water into the smaller mouths of the bottles, has this been a problem?

depends on your filling method. the gatorade/1-liter trick has been used a lot. your bulk is higher, but your cost and simplicity are better, so there's that. one more facet of 'everything is a trade-off'. the gatorade can be tougher. a platy in your emergency kit is still a great idea.

Originally Posted by austin
Could the duct tape suffice as the thermarest repair kit also?

if you can clean off the thermarest and keep the patch dry. you might need to fiddle with it from time to time. great in a pinch though.

Originally Posted by austin
Next, I hear everyone talking about fire starters and matches. Would bringing two small lighters and storing them in different places not be suffiient? why are matches or firestarters any better when they weigh nearly the same?

reduncancy=safety. i carry matches, lighter, and a firesteel. i primarily use the lighter. but lighters can break, or the winds are too high, or your hands are too cold. matches are similar. it can be too wet, or you can lose them. the firesteel goes around my neck on a lanyard. there are times where it works when other things don't. sure, you might never need anything other than the lighter, but better to have and never need, etc. you won't notice the extra ounce and a half(if that) of weight. trust me.

Originally Posted by austin

they said that there were not too many bears in the area we were hiking. Would it be completely inorant of me to think that a regular food bag will suffice?

hang it high. hang your cookware with it. hang it well out from trees. of course, there are those big open plains you might be crossing, and bears are less afraid of one or two people than they are of a group.

Originally Posted by austin
Any suggestions on pocket knives that won't burn a hole in my pocket?

beretta made an airlite model a while back that was fantastic. see if those are still out there. gerber is the old standby for a lot of folks as they're readily available and well priced. if camillus were still around i'd suggest their all-stainless GI pocket knife.

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