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Gear List The Gear List forum is the place to post your actual backpacking gear list, and to read what others have in their packs. Don't forget to specify weight.

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Old 04-09-2008, 11:08 PM
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Thumbs up 5lb Gear List

I have been preparing for a bp seminar that I am going to give. This has forced me to actually get my gear a little more organized and also make a spread sheet for demonstration purposes. So I thought I would share my list and also seek ways to pare it down even more. It is catered to a normal (for me) 2-4 day trip. I know right off the bat if I took a 40f homemade quilt I could drop about 8 oz (226 gram) right there, but I have not made a qulit yet, hopefully I will in the near future. Also if I did not take a camera even more so. But I wanted to keep it real hence why I have included all items like fuel bottle and food bags (empty of course, but state there volume) However the soap, deet etc, are weighed full. And even though I have never used my rain skirt it still comes along, oh sure I could take a light flimsyer trash bag for it but I like the lawn and leaf bag better. Ok enough rambling for now. will add more as the thread goes along. Thanks for looking.

***Sorry about the layout but it does not transfer very well from excell to here ****

Gear List

Category Item Weight Grams Notes
Zilch 1800 ci 122 Custom
Sub Total 122

6x9 Cuben Tarp 116 Seam sealed
Ground Cloth 48 Polycryo
Ti Stakes 50 8 Stakes
Guy Line kit 4
Cuben Stuff Sack 4 Small Plus
SubTotal 222

WM HightLIte 512 35F
Cuben Stuff Sack 8 Med Plus
Pad/Pack Frame 270 MB UL.90
Sub Total 790

Heiny 350 20 W/Lid
Stove 8
Windscreen 10
Fuel Bottle 20 4.5 oz
Matches 4 Paper Book
Spoon 18 Ti Long Handle
Cuben Food Bag 10 Large
Trash Bag 12 Heavy Duty 1/2 Gal Ziplok
Sub Total 102

Platy Bladder 102 3L W/Hose
Treatment 18 Klear water 10cc
Sub Total 120

Wind Shirt 90 Montane Aero
Down Jacket 232 MB U.L. Inner
Combi Hat 34 Turtle Fur
Gloves 30 Poly Pro
Cuben Stuff Sack 6 Med
Sub Total 392

First Aid
First Aid Kit 58 In 4x7 AlokSak
Fire Starter 8 Mini Fire Steel
Tinder Quick 2 3 Tinders
Tooth Brush 16 Burts Bees Mini
Soap 6 3cc
DEET 6 3cc
Sunscreen 26 15cc
Cuben Stuff Sack 2 Small
Sub Total 124

TP 16 10 BLU Shop Towls 5x5
Towl 8 Lite Load 11x11
Light 24 Watch Battery Type
Knife 36 Gerber Mini
30 Gal Trash Bag 52 Rain Skirt/Poncho
Info Lanyard 48 Cmpss, Thermo, Wstl
Camera 136 Olympus FE 240
Aloksak 6 For Camera 5x4
I.D. & CC Card 8
Cuben Wallet 1 For ID & CC Card
Sub Total 335

TOTAL 2207
2.2 Kilo
4.8 lbs
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