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Travel Backpacking The Travel Backpacking forum is for discussion that relates directly to international backpacking (also known as independent travel). Subject matter should involve the elements that comprise this type of backpacking: budgeting, cultural tips, backpacking gear, hostels, and transportation.

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Old 05-14-2009, 12:11 PM
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Help! Going to Japan


I'm leaving for Japan on the 17th, and I will be there for 12 days. I'm flying in via Kansai INTL and planing on staying around the Kansai region, with maybe one side trip to Tokyo. I can only take a carry on with me ( my sis has been there for a year and she wants to send 100lb of luggage back home with me ) so I am hoping to pack pretty darn light.

The weather forecast says mid 70's during the day, and mid 50's at night, with high humidity 24/7. I usually backpack in the California Mountains, and I always carry long johns, a heaver gortex layer, rain pants/shirt, and a extra navy issued fleece jacket. Now I lived in Orlando Florida for a summer and even though it was wet all the time I could walk around in my undies and sleep naked it was so dang hot/humid.

Should I ditch all my cold weather gear for this trip? Has anyone hiked in the yoshino-kumano national park before? Can I get away with a tarp, footprint, upscale emergency blanket, and an umbrella?

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