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Gear List The Gear List forum is the place to post your actual backpacking gear list, and to read what others have in their packs. Don't forget to specify weight.

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Old 09-25-2012, 04:16 PM
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Current list (hopefully not for long)

I've managed to collect a fair amount of gear over the last 12 years of military service (Army National Guard, Combat Arms) however due to some financial difficulties the past few years I've sold off some of my extra gear. Everything I have for the most part is Army issued equipment:

Sleep system with inflatable pad
Two man tent (actually Marine Corps issued, Eureka)
Molle ruck sack
Polly Pro, both light and heavy weight
Camelbak 3 liter bladder with carrier
Wet Weather Top and Bottom
Surefire 6P flashlight bored out to accept a 18650 rechargeable battery
lightweight headlamp

Sadly, I know I'm going to have to turn in a fair amount of the gear, plus its all heavy, not that comfortable and just screams military which is something I'd like to avoid, especially in the extreme off chance I would have to bug out. But frankly I'd rather just be more comfortable and blend in a bit more. Thus I have been reading a ton on here and coming up with a list of gear to buy/ ask for christmas and birthdays, always looking to improve/ tweak it:

Gregory Baltoro 75 pack
Big Agnes Lynx Pass 2 tent, debating footprint
Big Agnes Gunn Creek +30 sleeping bag
REI Stratus pad
Therma-a-rest pad (figure I can use just one in warm weather and double up when it gets cold)
2 or 3 Source hydration 3 liter bladders
Half of the Platypus water filter
the Surefire and headlamp
First Aid kit
spare socks (x3), t shirts (under armour fitted x2) long sleeve shirt and pants by Mountain Khaki

So far, going by the manufacturer listed weights, I'm looking at a base weight of 25.43 pounds, obviously I still need to add my Outgo towel, hygiene kit, compass, knives and a few other small things, but all stuff that shouldn't add more than a pound or two.

I figure going with MREs, stripping them down, I can have a food and water weight for four days of 28 pounds.

Now in worse case scenario, having to get out of L.A. due to whatever, all the above and roughly 20 pounds for pistol, rifle and ammo. That would be a 1911 in .45 with 3 spare mags and a 7-7.5 pound AR with probably ten full capacity mags.

However I'm hoping that never happens and I get tons of enjoyment out of all the equipment through various hiking and camping trips, solo, with the girlfriend and with friends.

I do know that before I fractured my ankle I could do 3 miles in 45 minutes with 120 pounds worth of gear on me, not bad for being 150 pounds and 5' 10" and having a bad back.
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