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Backpacker's Health & Safety The Backpacker's Health & Safety forum is for the discussion of health and safety/survival issues that directly relate to backpackers.

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Old 12-18-2014, 06:54 AM
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Snake bite

Last year I was startled to spot a sawtooth viper in an area I thought was snake-free. It explained to me an experience I'd had a year earlier at the same spot: undressing for the night, I went to hang my clothes on a small pile of boulders. A loud sort of hiss but not exactly a hiss issued from the pile. So loud I thought it must have been a small leopard or a giant porcupine. But there was no room among the boulders for either of them. So, it was the rasping noise made by the viper!

The place is a bit remote and I go there often, so I want to be prepared.

Lately I heard that, in Australia, they still recommend compression bands for treating snake bites.

Any advice or tales of experiences with bite treatment would be welcome!
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