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Backpacks The Backpacks forum is for the discussion of backpacking packs (including front packs and pack accessories: hipbelt pockets, pack covers,...).

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Old 04-20-2015, 03:54 PM
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The New Phonebook Is Here! The New Backpack Is Here!

LOL I wonder how many will get the title's reference. I made the reference because I have hit a milestone in my new life adventure, hiking. And that is getting my first backpack since being in the Boy Scouts. I got a Molle Pack. It's about a 55L with 3 removable packs. The biggest is a 3L fanny pack with 4 compartments. Then there are two 1.5 L side packs. I look forward to getting it packed and ready to go.

I do have a question or two for the masses.

For those of you that have detachable "day/fanny pack," how do you pack your all of your packs? I have read about how to load your main pack. About how I put heavy against the back and so forth. This is what a Newbie has in mind as far as the distribution among the different packs. Fanny Pack will have the Ten Essential "Systems" which are as follows;

1. Navigation Topographic map and assorted maps in waterproof container plus a magnetic compass, optional altimeter or GPS receiver.
2. Sun protection Sunglasses, sunscreen for lips and skin, hat, clothing for sun protection.
3. Insulation Hat, gloves, jacket, extra clothing for coldest possible weather during current season.
4. Illumination Headlamp, flashlight, batteries. LED bulb is preferred to extend battery life.
5. First-aid supplies plus insect repellent.
6. Fire Butane lighter, matches in waterproof container.
7. Repair kit and tools Knives, multi-tool, scissors, pliers, screwdriver, trowel/shovel, duct tape, cable ties.
8. Nutrition Add extra food for one additional day (for emergency). Dry food is preferred to save weight and usually needs water.
9. Hydration Add extra 2 liters of water for one additional day (for emergency).
10. Emergency shelter Tarp, bivouac sack, space blanket, plastic tube tent, jumbo trash bags, insulated sleeping pad.

Now there is no way that I can fit all of this in such a small pack. But not all of it will be in the pack. Some of these items will be on me in various pockets or hanging from a belt or lanyard. Some of it will be a scaled down versions for a “day hike” i.e. an “optimist” first-aid kit with just a couple of band-aids, wound wrap, etc., have a meal and a snack or two, etc. and then have a more detailed kit in my main pack.

I plan on packing in the two small side packs with things that I might need fast, i.e. rain gear, pack cover, tarp, first-aid kit, etc.

Any suggestions or wisdom that y’all have will be enthusiastically used. Can’t wait till I get the money for my next purchase, which will be my DD Superlight Jungle Hammock.
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Old 04-27-2015, 07:51 AM
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dustin dustin is offline
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Not every day someone makes a ref to The Jerk. Nice!

As far as stuffing in all 10 essentials, there are a million little tricks like sticking the duct tape on your poles --if you use them-- or consolidating items with multi-purpose units like a poncho or a bandanna. But the biggest saver is just getting smaller stuff, like a very small multi-tool.

My pack has clips to compress the volume quite a bit, so when I leave a base-camp, the small essentials can come with me without any re-packing. The disadvantage is that I usually don't drop the non-essential small stuff because I don't have a good place to put it. You'll work out your system as you go, I'm sure.
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