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Gear Workshop The Gear Workshop forum is for the discussion of homemade backpacking gear, gear modifications, and repairs.

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Old 01-10-2015, 10:10 AM
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Originally Posted by striker
Yeah, for attaching quilts I think it would be much easier if you have simply tapered quilts that can open up flat.

Agreed. The Mrs. would like a large foot box so I thought of just making two straight quilts (no taper) to make joining them, whether by velcro or whatever, easier. Having some means of drawing both ends in together if desired to make a foot box would be nice...some means of progressively reducing the dead air space around the feet. But she wants to do it in such a way that it's one shared foot box (in other words, she wants to steal my body heat!). I want to retain the ability to seperate them and still have the ability to open flat or draw in. I haven't thought much about it nor looked to see what others out there may have come up with.

Originally Posted by striker
The other option I considered was using some sort of spacer that would attach to both and potentially make a footbox but that seemed like one of those DIY ideas that could go horribly wrong haha.

LOL!!! That is actually not a bad idea. I'm assuming you mean a down filled spacer, right? After seeing your quilts I have no doubt that you could do it. And when you're not using it to join the quilts you might find some other use for it. Since it would be tapered you could just make a down filled cone that you could use as a hat, though you might look like one of the Cone Heads around camp!

Originally Posted by striker
I need both a warm weather synthetic and down quilt, right???

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