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Backpacks The Backpacks forum is for the discussion of backpacking packs (including front packs and pack accessories: hipbelt pockets, pack covers,...).

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Old 02-26-2015, 03:33 PM
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Ryan_W Ryan_W is offline
Practical Backpacking™ Junior Member
Backpack: SIx Moons Designs Fusion 65
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Shelter: Sierra Designs Lightning 2 UL
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Thanks Grandpa. Any advice on how it would fare a little loose would be much appreciated.

I suppose if it's slightly too loose, I could engineer another make shift way of adjustment or a way of securing it to my pack as well.
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Old 02-27-2015, 11:42 AM
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tacbear tacbear is offline
Practical Backpacking™ Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2015
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Originally Posted by Ryan_W
So, I think I'll be picking up my Ribz pack here within the next few days or so but I have ran into a dilemma that perhaps those of you who use one could help me out with.

The small Ribz pack is 28-34" waist and the regular and large are 34-38". I run at around 32-34" so I'm tending towards the small but the large size has significantly more capacity at 11L instead of 8 which would be especially nice for other applications.

If I got the 34" large size and it ended up being a little loose, would that be awkward when carrying? Would the pack be bouncing around enough or anything to create a hindrance or nuisance?

Having a a slightly larger one might be nice for winter trips too when I am wearing more layers, but then again, I could easily wear the small underneath my outer layers if needed.


(also, I did end up getting a Six Moons Designs pack and Ill be sure to share my thoughts on it once I take a significant trip or 2 this spring/summer. So far, I really like it and it's unique innovation to a suspension system)
Go ahead and get the big Ribz pack, I have been using one for a while and love it. I have the big one and my waist is 32" and have no problems. I did have to take the shoulder straps up about 2" to be able to adjust the pack high enough to clear my waist belt. I have waited years for something like the Ribz pack, it works like a charm!!
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Old 02-27-2015, 04:17 PM
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Grandpa Grandpa is offline
Practical Backpacking­™ Associate Member
Backpack: GoLite Pinnacle
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My Ribz is a medium. There are two shoulder straps and a strap across the back. All can be adjusted. The strap across the back would probably be what would be changed for waist size. It has an elastic section between the two adjusters and a piece of strap that parallels the elastic to keep it from being over stretched, which shows up as the loop in the back picture.

The incredibly hunky model is 5'-9" and 168 lb. with 34" waist. Maybe that should read "incredibly chunky model".

For this photo shoot, I loaded it with a dummy load of rags and put it on over a flannel shirt and down puffy and handed the camera to my grandson. As loaded, it fits just about right at its loosest setting. I could even get another layer or two under it and I can also adjust it quite a bit smaller if I could ever get my waistline to shrink.

Both the medium and large will fit 34" to 38" waist and can be tightened smaller than that.

My original RIBZ was of a different design and was larger. This is the 8L model and works well to augment a pack. It's a little small for me as a daypack when I'm hiking with the grandkiddos because I try to carry more emergency gear when I have them with me. If I was planning on using it more as a daypack, I'd probably opt for the larger 11L size.

I've used the RIBZ under a shell to add more capacity to my carry on luggage when flying so as to avoid ridiculous checked baggage fees when possible. I did attract some undue attention from TSA a couple years ago at Boston Logan. I met the scary demographic of "old white guy with camping gear" and acquired my own personal humorless attendant through the entire line who wanted me to keep my hands in sight at all times. My hands and all my gear got swabbed and everything went through the X-ray machine twice. And to think I bought the green one because I thought an older black one I had looked too tactical.
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