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Fishing & Hunting The Fishing & Hunting forum is for discussion (on-site content) that directly relates to wilderness fishing and hunting with an emphasis on engaging in these activities while on backpacking trips. Lightweight/packable gear, personal experience/technique, and trip reports are of central focus. [Reminder: PBF is for actual content, not links/reference to offsite content.]

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Old 10-21-2013, 11:27 AM
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How many flies?

I love fly fishing, and one of the great delights of backpacking can be found in a quiet backcountry lake that hasn't seen a fisherman in days, months, or years. It's peaceful, the fish are hungry, and I have a ball.

I don't take a lot of equipment, both because I don't see the need, and I don't want to carry the weight. I just take a 7 piece fly rod that NOTE: The remainder of this post can be read by logging in. For free PBF membership click here
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