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Trip Reports The Trip Reports forum is for backpackers to share their actual (not links to) trip reports and/or journal entries for their wilderness backpacking and day-hiking trips. Please include photos and information regarding what worked (e.g. gear) and what didn't.

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Old 06-27-2015, 06:52 AM
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On The Old At: Day Hike On Big Walker Mountain, Va

Hey, from Blue Heaven, Chapel Hill, NC, the Southern Side of Heaven. Tonto here to fill you guys in on my latest trail adventure. After a two year hiatus, last week I planned a road trip to fill in sections of the Appalachian Trail skipped on my 2013 attempted thru-hike. Back then, after hiking 625 miles, I had to get off the trail due to what turned out to be a major stress fracture in my right knee. The doctor said I had to refrain from backpacking for a year. Last week decided to finish three NOTE: The remainder of this post can be read by logging in. For free PBF membership click here
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