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Bikepacking The Bikebacking forum is for discussion that relates directly to bikepacking (also known as bicycle camping). Subject matter should involve the backpacking/camping/bike gear and trip planning as it relates to mountain biking and bicycle touring.

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Old 08-21-2011, 10:01 AM
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Old Trek 420 Touring Bike

I picked up an old Trek 420 this week and have plans to turn it into a project bike. It'll mostly be a commuter, but it might be able to be put into service as a tourer, too.

The plan so far:
send the frame to a builder, who will rebuild the rear-end with sliding vertical dropouts with disc tabs, a split stay for a belt drive, and spreading the dropouts from 126mm to 135mm for a wider selection of disc compatible hubs.

have the builder build a 1" steerer cyclocross fork with disc tabs for this frame

paint it two-toned green

Make it singlespeed - at least for now. belt drive necessitates you either run it singlespeed or with an internal gear hub. IGH's that are any good cost much money and because the belt drive components are so expensive and the frame mods I want to do will cost a bit, I need to take some measures to control costs.

140mm disc brakes. A road bike doesn't really need bigger.

flat handlebar. I will probably play with different shapes in the future, but I have a flat bar in my garage right now that won't cost me anything.

full fenders and a rack

the biggest 700c tires that will fit
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Old 08-28-2011, 05:14 PM
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Sounds like a sweet rig! Post photos when you've got it all put together.
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