PBP - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a podcast?

The term podcast is a combination of two words: iPod and broadcast. A podcast initially referred to an audio (radio-like) program (episode) that was distributed (downloaded to) an iPod media player. However, the term is now used in a much broader sense - to include any digital audio or video recording that is produced and distributed periodically that may be listened to on a personal media player (e.g. computer media player, MP3 device...).

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How can I listen to the Practical Backpacking™ Podcast?

There are a few popular ways that can listen to the Practical Backpacking™ Podcast. One way is by clicking on the audio link that appears just below the introductory entry for the episode you wish to listen to.

Another method is to copy and paste the XML subscription link into the subscription menu field of your favorite podcast aggregator -- then the podcasts will be automatically download each time you run the program (aggregator). If this is confusing to you, you may wish to download iTunes (free), and then browse the Music Store then click on Podcasts, then search for "Practical Backpacking" then click the subscribe (free) button. Then you can listen to the PBP episodes with iTunes (Windows or Mac) as they are released.

You may also listen from a podcast directory of your choice. Simply use your favorite web search engine to search on "podcast directory."

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I'm having trouble accessing PBP episodes, how can I get help?

Login (requires free registration) to the Practical Backpacking™ Forums and view the General PBF Help forum. Or, if you're issue is not addressed, post a message in the same forum and request help from other PBF members.

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Why is the Practical Backpacking™ Podcast made available?

The PBP service is an effort to provide backpackers (et al) with practical information that may be useful to to them in making their backpacking experiences more enjoyable.

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Are PBP guests charged a fee for being promoted on the podcast?

No. PBP guests (interviewees) do not pay for being promoted on a PBP episode.

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How can I help to support the Practical Backpacking™ Podcast?

One way to support PBP is to post (reviews, messages) about what you like about PBP and how the episodes are helping you. You may post your comments on the Practical Backpacking™ Forums and in podcast directories such as iTunes.

If you wish, you may take a moment to send a small, subscription payment to help defray the cost that is incurred in the production and distribution of the Practical Backpacking™ Podcast.

Please make a donation. Your kind donation is actually giving a gift to thousands of listeners!

Thank you for your generosity.

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I have an idea for a PBP episode, how do I send it?

If you have a suggestion for a future PBP episode, please login (requires free registration) to the Practical Backpacking™ Forums and send a PM (Private Message) to Reality.

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